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Website is your online store, the most important online asset and the first thing people look at. Your website represents your brand and business. People will judge the quality and credibility of your business based on your website.

Well designed website will draw people to your business, create a positive experience and convert people to clients. A poorly designed website will give your business a bad reputation, unprofessional image and loss of clients.

pleasant experience

functional design

client conversion

clean layout

positive impression

modern look


57% of users

Won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.

75% of consumers

Judge company’s credibility based on the company’s website.

38% of people

Will stop engaging with an unattractive website.

website checklist

01. Good feeling

People will not remember what they’ve read or seen. They will remember how your website made them feel. Create experience, not just information.

02. Great Design

Good design will create positive emotions and experiences as well as enhance the functionality of the website. Your website is as much art as it is a science.

03. Unique website

Bold branding and visual identity create a unique and memorable brand. Don't be boring. Do you have a website that stands out and is memorable?

04. Original images

Use original and authentic images of your team, work and office. They create instant trust. People want to connect with people and see behind the scenes Invite people to be a part of your organization by being open and transparent.

05. structure

Create simple tree structure menu navigation. Structure your text to titles, subtitles, short paragraphs or bullet points for better readability. Humans are familiar with logical and intuitive structure and organization.

06. clickable links

Are your phone number and email icons clickable? What about your social media links? People want things fast. They will abandon your website and stop engaging with your business if you make it complicated.

07. video

Video is undeniably the most popular format to convey any message. Use it as much as possible not just on your website. Create videos for your website and blog. Your face and personality will create instant connection and trust.

08. call to action

CTA is the goal that you want your user to do. To click a call icon, link, submit a form or subscribe to a newsletter? Make your CTAs visible and clear for the people. Tell them exactly what to do as the next step.

09. accessibility

Make your website usable for older people, people with temporary disabilities or limitations based on specific situations. Everybody should have a full experience from your website. Use every accessibility feature you can.

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