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There are 2 reasons why companies fail on Instagram. They are not creating good content to attract, connect and nurture their audience. They don’t have a solid strategy. They just post things and follow other accounts hoping they get a follow back.

We help companies develop a rock-solid strategy based on their goals. We help companies create high-quality, valuable and original content for their target audience. We teach companies all the tricks and hacks to achieve Instagram’s 100% performance.

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13.2 ml. canadians

Canadians using Instagram should grow to 14 ml. by 2023.

63% log in daily

Instagram is the second most engaged social after Facebook.

60% of people

60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform.

instagram checklist

01. clarity

Be clear on your business before you start marketing. Understand your market, goals, position, benefit and value of your offer, its outcomes and process.

02. Goals & metrics

Know your big goals and specific steps to achieve them. Define metrics that lead to those goals. Identify success and what metrics you need to achieve it.

03. competition

Know how your competition does things so you can be unique and create better strategy and service. Get inspired by the best but add your own twist.

04. Ideal clients

Fully understand your ideal clients, their goals, needs, wants and problems. Learn about their core values and visions for business, community and the world.

05. branding

Create connections with the hearts and minds of your clients. Develop your values, mission, vision, tagline and visual identity that people recognize you by.

06. ig profile

Your Instagram profile must be clear about how you help, what you do exactly, whom you're speaking to and have clear visual identity to convert profile visitors to follwers.

07. Pillars

Your business has one major service or direction. This will be your main content pillar. Choose 3-5 subtopics that are related to the main pillar. Create content based on the main topic and subtopics. Share secrets, journey and all the tips and tricks.

08. strategy

Content strategy focuses on building strong relations with your clients by giving them high-quality, valuable and relevant content that will help you to attract people, connect with them, nurture them, share expertise, build authority and trust.

09. calendar

Using a content calendar is the best way to stay organized, consistent and produce high-quality content. Plan what format and how much you would like to post. Set your goals, CTAs and start creating content to achieve goals.

10. formats

Each content format is ideal for a different outcome. Make sure to strategically use all of them to keep your audience engaged. Create posts, carousels, reels, stories or lives on a regular basis.

11. creation

Use main feed posts to share your expertise, and show the value you offer. This will attract new people to your profile and build authority and trust in your business and brand.

12. connection

Connect with people in the stories by showing the personal side of your business or behind the scenes. Relate to your followers, show emotions, talk to them like a human, not a business.

13. selling

Dedicate 20% of your Instagram presence to selling. Talk about your offer in your stories, at the end of lives and some standard feed posts. Have powerful CTA to point people to your offer.

14. data analysis

Understand what metrics lead to your goals. Create content that performs well for the metrics you selected. Gather data, recreate what works and avoid what doesn’t. Constantly try to improve your content.

15. tips and tricks

There are many little tricsk and hacks to boost your Instagram. Pinning comments, engagement strategies, interactive tickers. These aim for larger audience engagement.

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