Hi. I'm Filip. Vancouver based creator 👻

I was born in Czechoslovakia but immigrated to Vancouver, BC in 2010. Like most people, I fell in love with the province, the city and the area. 

I love skiing, biking, skim-boarding, the Gulf Islands, the ocean, the mountains and the great outdoors.

If relaxing, I’d like to absorb quality literature, documentaries, movies or play my guitar while enjoying a beer from one of many local breweries.

Years in
Sea to Sky


What do I 🥑
believe in?

My core values are tightly woven into my private and business life and serve as underlying principles of my decision-making.


I believe that empathy is a major driving force behind sustainable growth across all parts of society.

human rights

I believe in universal human rights regardless of race, gender, age or other differences we might have.


I strongly believe in protecting nature against insensitive human interventions.


I am a strong advocate of science and technological advancement to bring positive changes to our society.

what's my jam

I really do like to create campaigns, brands and content but I need to relax too. There are endless possibilities to unwind here in BC.

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